Beer brewing: share five short historical stories

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1. Beer had to compete with tea During the “era or rational” period of the 18th century, Europe was semi-anti-alcoholic. With the rise of coffee and tea, the price of beer dropped slightly. In the United States, the ban on alcoholic beverages from 1920 to 1933 was illegal, so the damage was much greater, followed by the Great Depression: American breweries have a hard time recovering from these difficult years.

2. Industrialization is good for beer: The industrial revolution has had a great impact on beer production. The invention of the steam engine in 1765 brought the industrialization of beer. The introduction of thermometers (1760) and hydrometers (1770) made the beer brewing process more and more efficient, making beer a popular product.

3. There were no beer bottles until the first beer bottle was sold in 1850. Before that, people would pick up buckets and go to the tavern to fill them up. In some brewing bars, they still retain that old tradition.

4. Marketing makes beer more popular In the 20th century, advertising played an important role in the increasing popularity of different types of beer. At Catawiki beer and beer utensils auctions, you will find many advertising signs that define this era-from the brewery signs in the 1930s to the typical advertising mirrors in the 1980s.

5. Weihenstephan started brewing in 1040, the oldest brewery in the world has been producing beer for nearly 1,000 years. You can find the Bavarian State Brewery Weihenstephan on the same Weihenstephan mountain in Germany, where they started brewing in 1040!

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