Beer equipment: the basics of brewing beer

Beer is a very common alcoholic drink, its degree is not as high as white wine, but its taste is also liked by many people. The alcohol content is not high, but the taste of the wine is still there. The taste of different raw materials is also different. Generally, the common beer liquor is light yellow, clear and transparent, with pure and refreshing taste, bitter but sweet, with obvious hop and malt aroma. In addition to containing the nutrients in the raw materials, the raw materials have been saccharified and fermented to greatly increase the nutritional value, which contains 8 kinds of amino acids necessary for the human body. In addition, it is estimated that the heat energy produced by 1 liter of beer is equivalent to the heat produced by 250 grams of bread or 800 ml of milk. This time, the beer equipment manufacturer Yuanxin tells you about beer brewing.


There are many types of beer, and their production processes are also different. Making beer from barley is a more complicated process. This is mainly the result of the division and cooperation of various “magicians” in fermentation. Generally, barley is first made into malt. Soak the barley in water for 2 to 3 days, let them gradually “fat”, and then transfer it to a “house” with a certain temperature and humidity, a few days later, it slowly spit out green malt. At this time, a large amount of amylase is formed on the malt. These amylases quietly “climb into” the wheat kernels, dissolve (ie liquefy) and saccharify the starch stored in the wheat kernels, thereby forming a large amount of maltose. In addition, there is some sucrose. Then, the malt is transported to heat and dry. According to the different requirements of beer types, malt drying has low temperature drying (for light beer) and high temperature dry coal (for dark beer). It shows that the drying of malt has a great influence on the flavor and color of beer.

Secondly, we must choose beer water. Water is one of the main components of beer. Good water should not be combined with impurities that affect saccharification and fermentation. Good water can improve the quality of wine and give wine a unique flavor. For example, Tsingtao Beer in my country and Pilsner Beer in Czechoslovakia Good quality is inseparable from the water quality in the area. In addition, brewing beer is also related to factors such as hops and the cultivation and management of yeast.

So, how to brew beer from these raw materials? The specific method is to first make malt into wort. Mix malt with water, grind it into grit-sized malt grains, soak in warm water, and stir for a long time to dissolve maltose, sucrose, etc. containing malt grains in the water. At this time, the starch in the malt is further produced due to the activity of amylase. More maltose, but part of the starch remains in the wort as dextrin. Because beer is low-alcohol, in the manufacture of beer, only about 60% of fermentable carbohydrates need to be saccharified. Carbohydrates are left as dextrin, which gives beer greater nutritional value. After the wort is cooked, it is clarified and filtered. After adding hops to the clarified wort and boiling it, it is quickly cooled to an appropriate temperature according to the requirements of the fermentation type, and then diluted according to the requirements of the concentration of the malt, and then connected to the brewer’s yeast for fermentation.

After the brewer’s yeast comes to the wort, because the yeast itself is rich in maltase, it first decomposes maltose into glucose, and then “gobbles up” glucose, expelling ethanol and carbon dioxide. This process is called pre-fermentation of beer. At this time, there is still residual sugar, so post-fermentation is required to increase the carbon dioxide in the wine, and the beer is clear and purified. The post-fermentation of beer is carried out in a closed tank for 1 to 4 months at a temperature of 0 to 2°C. After the post-fermentation is over, it can be filtered, bottled, and sterilized (draft beer does not sterilize). This is the beer sold in the market.

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Post time: Nov-22-2021
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