How to carry out fermentation control in brewery equipment?

How to carry out fermentation control in brewery equipment. Fermentation is an indispensable key step for brewing beer. How to control fermentation during the daily production process of brewery equipment will let you know more about how to brew high-quality beer.

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Beer fermentation is carried out dynamically in the fermentation tank, which is composed of tank body, cooling belt, insulation layer and other components. The shape of the fermentation tank is generally conical, with a large volume, most of which is 200m3 (the volume of beer fermentation tanks in my country is 200m3~500m3). Beer fermentation must be carried out strictly in accordance with the process curve, otherwise it will affect the beer quality. In order to facilitate the dissipation of heat, the upper, middle and lower three-stage cooling jackets are installed on the outer wall of the fermenter, and the upper, middle and lower temperature measuring points and three eccentric pneumatic valves are set up accordingly. The cooling jacket is adjusted by the valve opening. The flow of ice water inside to achieve the control of the wine body temperature.

The valve opening is the control quantity, and the wine body temperature is the controlled quantity. There are 3 refrigerant valves correspondingly, which control the temperature of the fermentation tank by controlling the flow of refrigerant through the cooling zone. In the process of fermentation, the temperature is constantly rising. When the upper limit temperature is reached, the refrigeration equipment should be turned on, and the temperature in the tank will be lowered by circulating the alcoholic ice water in the cooling pipe. When the fermentation temperature is lower than the temperature required by the process, the refrigerant is turned off, and the beer continues to be fermented according to the process requirements. The entire fermentation process is generally completed in more than 20-30 days. Therefore, controlling the temperature and its rate of rise and fall in the process of beer fermentation is a crucial part of determining beer quality and production efficiency. According to the process requirements of beer fermentation in Figure 1, a beer fermentation controller with PLC as the core is designed. Each controller controls a fermentation tank. The specific temperature control is realized by PID algorithm. PID control is widely used in actual industrial processes due to its advantages of simplicity, reliability, easy realization, and good static performance.

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