How to choose one machine and split machine in fine brewing beer?

With the booming development of refined beer market and the upgrading of people’s consumption level, more and more restaurants and bars introduce refined beer equipment. Provide customers with refined beer service through self brewing and cash sales. Many people may have a little doubt about choosing brewing equipment? Is it better to choose an all-in-one machine or a split machine? Today, Xiaobian will talk about the difference between the two devices.

Let’s start with the all-in-one machine. The most obvious advantage is small land occupation and small investment. The structure of the all-in-one machine is divided into upper and lower layers, the upper layer is saccharification and filtration, and the lower layer is boiling and rotary sedimentation. The operation is also relatively simple. Now the automatic brewing production is basically realized. The general output models are 300 liters and 500 liters. Of course, other models can also be customized. The all-in-one machine is suitable for small places such as bars, beer houses, beer supermarkets and so on.
Split machine, as the name suggests, is to separate the saccharification, filtration, cooling, fermentation and other systems into independent equipment. Such as two pots and three devices, three pots and four devices and so on. There are also many personalized configurations according to customer needs. Because the systems are separate, the steps of brewing beer can be manually controlled, which makes it easier to control the quality and taste of wine. The output is also relatively large, which can produce more than a few tons of beer at a time. Of course, due to the split equipment, the cost of equipment materials and land occupation is also relatively high, and the initial investment is relatively large. Suitable for breweries.

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Post time: Dec-15-2021
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