Store beer equipment commonly used maintenance direction.

Beer equipment maintenance.
Beer equipment mainly consists of: grinder, saccharifying boiler, filter tank, sedimentation tank, plate heat exchanger, ferment tank, selling wine column, refrigerator, refrigerant box, control cabinet and so on. Next, let’s learn about the maintenance and maintenance of beer equipment.
1. When the machine is running, it shall not disassemble the parts at will, and must be checked and excluded by professional technicians.
2. The compressor should be restarted for five minutes at a time, so as not to cause serious accidents.
3. The surface of the residual fin of the unit in the heat dissipation of the unit is graying and greasy, so as to improve the cooling effect.
4. The whole machine should be cut off from the power supply and keep it clean and dry.


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Post time: Apr-28-2018
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